Tax Fraud

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Tax Fraud Defense

Our federal tax practice is national in scope. Our firm defends clients in locations such as San Francisco, Hawaii, New York and Washington D.C. against tax fraud charges. Attorney Chris Cannon handles a significant number of tax cases every year, appearing in federal court on behalf of clients throughout the United States.

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Act Quickly to Avoid Being Charged

People often learn that they are being investigated for tax fraud or money laundering before they are actually charged. As soon as there is a hint of a government investigation, contact an experienced attorney. It may be possible to avoid charges altogether by clearing up a minor misunderstanding before the investigator adopts a fixed position and the government decides to prosecute. It may also be possible to reduce the penalty for under-reporting or non-payment of taxes.

Not Just Income Tax Evasion

Tax fraud charges are not limited to those arising from federal income tax matters. Our firm also defends clients against charges of failing to pay employment taxes, failing to pay sales tax on items sold in a business and failing to file individual or business returns altogether.

Penalties for Tax Fraud Conviction

Tax fraud conviction can carry a significant federal sentence. There are often harsh financial penalties and forfeitures of property alleged to have been used in criminal activity. It is important to have a lawyer who can both defend you against the tax fraud or money laundering charges and work to recover your property.

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