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San Francisco Medicare Fraud Defense Attorney

Whether you are a doctor or other health care provider, being accused of Medicare fraud is a very serious matter. At Sugarman & Cannon, we understand the severity of these charges and know what needs to be done in order to protect your rights. Founded in 1989, we have always provided straightforward and zealous criminal defense representation for our clients.

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What Is Medi Cal And Medicare Fraud?

Medicare fraud consists of obtaining money from the Medicare system under false pretenses. This generally occurs when doctors or other professionals attempt to participate in phantom billing or overcharging clients. Over recent years, the government has increased awareness of Medicare fraud and prosecutes it very hard.

No matter who you are, if you have been accused of Medicare fraud, your freedom is at stake. We will work vigorously to defend your rights, protect your professional licenses and keep you out of jail.

Penalties For A Medicare Fraud Conviction

The penalties for this white collar crime are severe and can include:

  • Large federal fines
  • Repayment of any overpayments
  • Prison time
  • Removal from being able to participate in the Medicare program
  • Loss of professional licenses

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