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Mortgage Fraud Lawyers In The San Francisco Area

Especially in California, mortgage fraud investigations target bankers, brokers, mortgagees and loan officers. Because many prosecution offices are driven by statistics, some prosecutors play a numbers game, filing many easy-to-prove small cases, rather than significant cases against those who have done the greatest harm.

Not everyone who exaggerated the value of his or her home is going to be prosecuted. Individuals who provided or prepared false employment documentation or other similar false documentation to support a loan application, however, are far more likely to be charged. If you are the target of a state or federal investigation, or if you have been charged with mortgage fraud, you need a San Francisco mortgage fraud defense attorney who can intelligently and aggressively defend you.

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Tenacity And Compassion – Mortgage Fraud Defense For More Than 30 Years

The experienced criminal defense lawyers at Sugarman & Cannon have been defending people accused of financial crimes for more than 30 years. We are intimately familiar with the operations of the financial industry. We have represented bankers, brokers, buyers, sellers and straw buyers charged with mortgage fraud/loan fraud.

Regardless of what role the prosecutor thinks you played, we have the skills and knowledge to defend your case. We understand the prosecution’s priorities and how this can be used to your benefit.

Real Estate Fraud And Inflated Property Value

The standards of the mortgage industry have changed greatly since the boom years of 2003-2007. During those times, it was common for people in the industry to refer to stated income loans as “liar’s loans.” Many applicants would just sign the application and leave it to the broker to massage the application to ensure they would qualify for their loan. Everyone assumed that an individual’s credit score gave an accurate prediction of the likelihood of default. Now, everyone involved in the industry is running from their past practices and the public is looking for people to blame.

Prosecutors are making some cases against those who designed and participated in the system at a high level, but many more cases are being prosecuted against individuals who may have exaggerated their income and assets to provide homes for their families.

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