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San Francisco Criminal Defense Attorneys

Chris Cannon and Scott Sugarman, have been law clerks and public defenders, and they have now practiced criminal defense together for over 30 years. Since starting the firm in 1989, our attorneys have become known by prosecutors, judges and former clients for the high quality of their work. They have served on professional boards and have held leadership positions in a variety of legal organizations.

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Our Clients

We defend individuals from all walks of life who have encountered legal problems. Our clients include chief executive officers, doctors, students and others. Whatever your profession, we will develop and pursue a strong defense on your behalf, whatever the charges may be.

We are known as tenacious, creative and empathetic attorneys. We understand that being investigated, arrested and charged with a criminal offense can be a frightening and overwhelming experience. We ensure that our clients understand their options and their rights. Knowing what may happen can go a long way toward reducing anxiety.

Our Practice

Our practice focuses on a wide-range of criminal matters, from complex investigations to more common crimes. We defend clients against white-collar criminal charges, tax fraud, and computer or Internet crimes. Yet we also continue to represent many clients facing charges of drug trafficking, domestic violence, sexual misconduct, theft and fraud. When we have been involved early on, our lawyers have frequently been able to convince the prosecution to abandon the case without filing charges.

Many clients have turned to Sugarman & Cannon for help after they have been convicted when represented by another attorney, whether that conviction followed a trial or a plea bargain. Since the creation of Sugarman & Cannon, we have a very active and successful appellate practice in both the California and federal appellate courts. We have convinced appellate courts to reverse the conviction and/or sentence of clients convicted of complex frauds, murder, drug trafficking, sexual battery and three-strikes offenses.

Our Offices

Our principal office is located in downtown San Francisco with easy access to BART. Our Oakland office is close to downtown and just a few blocks from Highway 580, with easy off-street parking.

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