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Computer And Internet Crime Defense

Criminal charges alleging computer crimes have become increasingly common as the use of the Internet has blossomed in the past 15 years. San Francisco lawyers Scott Sugarman and Chris Cannon have a reputation as attorneys who understand the technical issues involved. They are also viewed as effective defenders of clients facing computer crime charges.

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Examples Of Computer Crime Charges

Our cases involve a wide range of matters, including:

The Complexity Of Internet And Computer Crime Cases

Charges such as these often are complicated by questions of jurisdiction, forfeiture of property or money, and complex legal theories. Possible defenses can include issues involving constitutional search and seizure protections and criminal intent.

Usually A Federal Charge

Internet crime charges and other computer cases are usually tried in federal court. The penalties in federal court can often be very harsh, making it important to have an attorney with experience in such matters. Our attorneys have had a robust federal practice for many years, appearing in U.S. courtrooms throughout California for trials and appeals. There is a great deal at stake, so be sure to consult with a lawyer who has successfully handled similar cases before.

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