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San Francisco Federal Crimes Attorneys

People charged with a federal crime need an attorney who is admitted to the federal court in which the case will be tried. Defendants also need an advocate with significant experience in the federal system. A conviction for most federal crimes carries a stiff sentence and lifelong consequences.

At our law firm, Scott Sugarman and Chris Cannon defend clients against criminal charges in federal courts in California. Practicing criminal law for more than 30 years in state and federal courts, our lawyers know the procedures, the issues and the applicable law.

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Examples Of Federal Crimes

We defend people against federal charges such as:

Money Laundering Charges May Accompany Other Federal Charges

Many federal charges are combined with money laundering charges. Charges of money laundering are an easy way for the prosecution to increase the potential penalties that may flow from what appears to be a minor crime. We have substantial experience in eliminating the additional penalties that would otherwise result from allegations of money laundering. Our firm defends owners of small businesses such as restaurants, massage parlors, electronics and dry cleaning stores and many other legitimate operations against money laundering charges.

Forfeiture Of Assets In Federal Cases

In many federal cases, the issue of potential forfeitures must be examined. Forfeiture proceedings can be either civil or criminal. Even if you are never charged or are acquitted, you must take action to recover your property. If you do nothing, you can lose everything — your house, your vehicles and your bank accounts.

Attorneys Chris Cannon and Scott Sugarman will work hard to restore your property and money to you. A careful examination can often discover evidence that counters the state’s contention that the seized items were acquired through criminal activity. Undermining the forfeiture claims can help prevent the prosecution from using the forfeiture process to force you into an admission or plea bargain.

Forfeiture is most frequently used in federal drug prosecutions. However, it can be used anytime the government alleges that a person has benefited from criminal activity. It requires an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer to navigate the federal forfeiture process and recover your property.

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