Representing Clients in California and in Federal Courts Throughout the United States

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Summaries Of Some Of Our Cases

We represent clients in all stages of the criminal process: from investigation, through pretrial motions, in plea negotiations, at trial, and in post-conviction proceedings, including appeals and petitions for a writs of habeas corpus. We are pleased that we have been able to have achieve success at each level of the criminal process for our clients.

Representation Before Charges Have Been Filed

By thorough and early intervention, we have been able to persuade prosecutors not to charge clients.

We have represented clients in SEC investigations of alleged insider trading, failure to accurately report financial data, improper allocations of stock trades, and represented other clients subject to investigation by the Criminal Investigation of Internal Revenue Service regarding claims of unreported income, the use of foreign banks, improper accounting for losses and expenses. In multiple cases, we have been able to prevent any criminal charges from being filed.

We have also represented clients in investigations by many different government agencies including the Department of Defense, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Anti-Trust Division of the Justice Department. In California, we have represented doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, students and real estate brokers in both licensing and criminal investigations.

We have also been involved in many investigations of claims of all types of insurance fraud, from overbilling, to allegations of fabricated or exaggerated loss.

Because we have been able to resolve many investigations favorably and without publicity, we have been able to keep both our name, but more importantly, our clients’ names and reputations out of the public spotlight

Representation Of Clients In The Trial Courts

After a four and one-half month federal trial, we secured the acquittal of a client charged in 28-count Indictment with bankruptcy fraud and related crimes.

On multiple occasions, we have convinced the judge to dismiss charges against a client after we successfully moved to have the prosecutor to disclose identity of an informant, and the prosecutor has refused to do so.

We represented one of five defendants charged in the largest seizes of heroin in United States history. After lengthy litigation, we obtained the release of our client on bail. After more litigation regarding illegal government surveillance, we negotiated and secured probationary sentence for our client. (Our client did not cooperate with the authorities.)

In a federal habeas corpus evidentiary hearing, we were able to convince the district court that our client had been denied the effective assistance of counsel at his state court trial, and to issue a writ of habeas corpus releasing out client from state prison.

We represented a prominent personal injury attorney accused of failing to pay taxes due on settlements in mass tort litigation. We were able to convince the jury that due to the attorney’s substantial expenses, no taxes were in fact due and the attorney was acquitted.

We have successfully moved to suppress evidence in cases involving business records, and all types of drugs, leading to the dismissals of all the charges against our clients.

We secured the acquittal of the president of a failed savings and loan charged with misapplying millions of dollars.

We secured the dismissal of all charges against a major stock brokerage firm accused of criminal contempt in a case where another brokerage firm claimed that our client had violated court orders to turn over documents and not contact clients.

We have been involved in multiple medical billing cases. We have represented clients charged with up-coding and inaccurately describing services. We tried and won an acquittal for a podiatrist charged with over-billing for medical procedures.

We have been involved in multiple false claim cases, and obtained an acquittal for a government contractor accused of making false claims in order to obtain government contracts.

We also obtained a manslaughter verdict and a short sentence following trial for an individual originally charged with murder following allegations of extraordinarily high speed and reckless driving resulting in a collision and death.

Some Of Our Appeals, Habeas Corpus And Writ Proceedings

We represented a client convicted to two murders and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. We argued in the California Court of Appeal that the conviction was the result of a statement taken in violation of our client’s 5th Amendment rights and the Miranda rule. That victory eliminated one of the convictions. We then filed a federal habeas corpus petition in federal court, and persuaded the Ninth Circuit on appeal to overturn the second murder conviction.

We represented man serving a 30-year federal prison sentence after a conviction for drug and weapons charges in Los Angeles. After initially losing a petition for a writ of habeas corpus before the Judge who originally found our client guilty, we convinced the Ninth Circuit to set aside the conviction.

We represented a man serving a life sentence following the largest seizure of methamphetamine in the United States. We were retained for additional post-judgment proceedings, including a habeas petition, after he lost his appeal. We won, resulting in a sentence of time served.

We were retained to represent on appeal a man who was serving a 30-year federal fraud sentence after multiple prior federal fraud convictions. On appeal, we were able to reverse the conviction.

We represented a client convicted of murder after an attempted robbery of a business. On appeal, we convinced the California Court of Appeal to reverse the conviction because the trial court had refused to admit defense evidence and improperly instruct the jury on the elements of the defense.

We represented an individual who pled guilty in a California case involving alleged sexual misconduct with children and was sentenced to eight years in prison. After he retained Sugarman & Cannon, we won a decision in the California Court of Appeal setting the conviction aside and releasing our client from custody.

We represented a client serving 127-years-to-life sentence after a conviction for this third strike. On appeal, we convinced the California Court of Appeal to reverse the sentence.

On appeal, we obtained a reversal of a sexual battery conviction because the prosecution had failed to present sufficient evidence of the crime charged. When the case was returned to the trial court, we obtained a ruling forbidding a re-trial.

We have a particular expertise in challenging loss calculations under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and have obtained substantial reductions in prison terms after demonstrating to appellate courts that the loss finding by the district court was overstated.