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San Francisco Bankruptcy Fraud Lawyer

Bankruptcy fraud is a serious federal offense that requires an experienced defense attorney at your side. At Sugarman & Cannon, we understand the laws applicable to bankruptcy fraud and have been helping our clients through all types of white collar crimes since 1989. You can rely on our knowledge and dedication to protect your rights through an investigation, and if necessary, criminal proceedings.

If you have questions regarding fraud in California, contact our San Francisco bankruptcy fraud defense attorney online. You may also call Sugarman & Cannon at 415-362-6252 to learn more about your options.

Asset Concealment Defense

Whether you believe that there was a simple mistake or miscalculation in a bankruptcy filing, or believe your situation is much more complicated, a bankruptcy fraud investigation or prosecution is serious. Many times the IRS and/or bankruptcy investigators will accuse you of:

  • Destroying property/documents
  • Hiding assets
  • Concealing documents
  • Intentionally miscalculating numbers

No matter what the facts of your case entail, we will be by your side, fighting the prosecution at every turn. You can rely on us for experienced bankruptcy fraud defense when you need it most.

Experience In All Fraud Matters

Our San Francisco fraud defense lawyers are skilled in the defense of those accused of white collar crimes. We have defended the rights of hundreds of individuals throughout charges involving tax fraud, money laundering and mortgage fraud, as well as bankruptcy fraud.

Throughout our years of practice, we have become a well-respected law firm that is known for successfully taking cases to trial. This also gives us a competitive edge in negotiations. No matter what happens in your case, you can feel confident knowing that we prepare your matter for trial from the very beginning, constantly looking for weaknesses and problems in the prosecution’s case.

Accused Of Bankruptcy Fraud? Contact Our Defense Team In San Francisco.

Call Sugarman & Cannon 415-362-6252 or 510-272-0600. You may also learn more about your bankruptcy fraud options by contacting our law firm online. We serve clients throughout the Oakland and San Francisco areas.