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Practice Areas Overview

Attorneys Chris Cannon and Scott Sugarman have each been practicing criminal law since the late 70s. At Sugarman & Cannon, clients can be assured that they will receive their full attention supported by extensive experience and a dedication to each client’s needs. We encourage you to contact us at our San Francisco office with your questions and concerns.

Our Criminal Defense Practice

The attorneys at Sugarman & Cannon defend individuals and businesses accused of a broad range of criminal charges. While focusing on complex white collar and serious crimes, we have assembled a record of accomplishment in a wide range of criminal cases and understand that a “minor charge” involving drugs, alcohol or family disputes can have a major impact on an individual’s life.

  • White collar crimes: We are experienced in all types of white collar charges, from tax fraud and securities fraud to illegal use of the Internet.
  • Tax fraud: While based in San Francisco and Oakland, we are nationally recognized tax fraud attorneys and handle many tax cases every year.
  • Money laundering: We defend against money laundering charges, which are often brought with other federal charges.
  • Mortgage fraud: Bankers and lenders have increasingly become targets of criminal investigations; we defend against all mortgage fraud charges.
  • Drug crimes: We have successfully defended people against all types of drug charges, from trafficking and manufacturing to possession.
  • Computer/Internet crimes: Our lawyers have handled cases involving internet pornography, identity theft and internet gambling.
  • Regulatory offenses: We have represented clients under investigation for illegal dumping, liquor license violations and before regulatory and professional bodies.
  • Federal crimes: We regularly appear in federal court on fraud, tax fraud, major drug trafficking cases and criminal matters related to immigration.
  • Intellectual property theft: We have defended people charged with illegal downloading, copyright violations and the illegal importation of pirated CDs.
  • Sexual misconduct: We defend clients against all types of sexual misconduct charges, including assault, domestic violence and child pornography charges.
  • Student representation: We understand that in representing students, their future careers and reputations are at stake.

We also have extensive experience with:

  • Appeals, writs and habeas corpus petitions: We handle all types of appeals and writs to secure post-conviction relief from an individual’s conviction and/or sentence.
  • Illegal search & seizure: In many cases the best defense is to challenge the way the evidence was seized. We have had numerous successes in suppressing evidence seized from our clients or which the government intends to use against our clients.

We invite you to call to discuss your legal matter. Contact Sugarman & Cannon at 415-362-6252 to speak with an experienced and knowledgeable San Francisco criminal defense lawyer.